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Inhuman update!

woops... posting this to the site rather slipped my mind for a few weeks. sorry about that. KINDA easy to be distracted right now because ...well... that vague "health scare" i'd been posting about? yeaaah

turns out i have cancer. it was confirmed via biopsy on the 28th. FUN TIMES.

i dunno what stage it's in yet, i'm honestly not that freaked out (cuz i suspected it was cancer the whole time, it's honestly a relief to be confirmed and know i'm now going to get it treated) and there's already a rough treatment plan in place consisting of surgery, then radiation, then chemo. that'll be my 2019!

i absolutely welcome yall reaching out to me if you feel like you wanna right now, even if we haven't talked in a while or idk, parted on rough terms. if not that's cool too, i very much understand people feeling overwhelmed to hear of this kind of diagnosis and needing distance to get their emotions sorted. but if you wanna reach out, hey. i'm up for that. i'll probably spend a lot of this year bored and stuck recoverig from medical stuff and need folks to chat with, is all.

just a few notes if you do...

- please don't say stuff like "well at least they caught it early!" bc they totally didn't. it's been an absolute chore to get them to take me seriously, because of sexism and transphobia in medicine. like i understand you're coming from a good place but omfg don't say that to me bc it just aint true lmao

- i. will talk about having cancer. like, it's a kind of major thing in my life rn and so if you're hoping to just avoid that subject cuz you can't handle it? maybe...think again...? cuz it's not gonna be avoidable.

- all of this is super time intensive and so if i don't respond to an email or a text or a DM or whatever, please don't take offense. i might just be too overwhelmed by juggling other stuff.

we good? ok we good. onward and upward into 2019, my droogs. the year i shall KICK. CANCER'S. ASS.
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