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Inhuman update

whats up friendssss. enjoy: this new comic page.

this coming monday is more doctor stuff. they're saying it's Staging which i guess means i might lose my Stage 2 diagnosis (t2n0) depending on what they find. it'll be a CAT scan and a bone scan. i've already had an MRI and a biopsy so... can't be MUCH left to do before they put me under the knife and get rid of the actual cancer itself. right? right...?

obviously it's a pretty stressful time. i've been drawing strength from all my dumb anime heros to get through it with my head held high but there's def still some very dark moments i feel, usually when i'm trying to sleep at night. but hey that's what the antidepressants are for amirite?

i'm absolutely determined though to do two things.
One: not stop making comics. if i made them with a benign tumor inside the bones of my drawing hand in 2010, i can make it with malignant tumors in my chest 2019!!
two: i will make it to anthro new england.

i am going.
i do not care.
if i have to break out of a hospital i will do it.

so if you are also going to ANE this year, i WILL be there to see you. but: please no hugs, because if i'm recovering from surgery that is probably just not a great idea lmao.

whew golly what a year. what a world. but hey i'm finally learning the boston train lines i guess lmao

see you next ferocious and friendly yall


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