Feb. 5th, 2016

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inhuman update!
and patrons got sketches, inks, thumbnails and notes!

greetings programs!
so here we are in another month of 2016, and as some of you know already, i made some BIG CHANGES to patreon!

well, okay. not that big. everything is still priced the same. it's just much easier to suss out now. instead of having to do mental math and go "oh if i back at 7.50 per page i'm averaging 30$ a month for one drawing" now it just goes "pay 30$ per month for a drawing" and boom, you can budget that without a care.

so if pricing confusion was holding you back before, please take a fresh look at patreon and see if things make more sense now!

apart from that, my bday was very nice and mild. i got some nice things (including gifts in the mail from readers! thank you guys!!) one of which is a 8lb lil weight. now, my bad shoulder prevents me from doing certain things like pushups to keep muscle built up...but with a weight, i can actually sort of pick and choose what parts of my arm i'm gonna work on, depending on shoulder pain levels that day etc. and it's helped a LOT! flex flex flex

i also picked up a new shade of navy blue paint which you can see i played with a lot on this week's page...and a blue gel pen which was not the shade of blue i expected.

oh yeah, and i did hourly comics day on monday :>

see y'all next week, droogs!


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