Apr. 26th, 2016

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Arc 15 of Inhuman begins NOW!

i'm stoked to be back to drawing these nerds! i've missed them, and missed how they bounce off eachother. i've also had sooo much of this arc written for...well, almost two years now! so it's kind of awesome to finally be bringing it off the notefile and into the real world.

and seriously, really. if you've been enjoying my comic, think about backing my patreon! any amount at all still gains you access to inks, notes and thumbnails...basically all that insider nerd stuff where i'm planning comic stuff out!

i'm also pleased to announce that soon we will have another kitty joining us! we're adopting Luna (provided she passes her vet screening thursday), a 2 year old tuxedo cat who's juuuust about as tiny as ren. i'm naturally nervous about how her introduction will go, but i've also wanted to get ren a 'little sister' for a long, long time now. ren gets major seperation anxiety when left alone, and hopefully having a friend will make it easier for her to cope.

but we couldn't be adopting luna without the support of my patreon patrons
and i'm unable to have patrons without you, my readers, supporting me.

i really can't wait to let this arc unfold for everyone. i hope you're as excited as i am!


not_fun: cial nixon jarhead (Default)
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