May. 5th, 2016

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Inhuman update!
(and yes, patrons got inks.)

the journey into the woods continues, with more bad choices being made. yes, let's stay for longer in this alien jungle. nothing bad will come of it.

here in mass, it's been super rainy. but for once, it's not bothering my shoulder as much! i've been doing weight lifting while pinning my shoulder in place, and it's helped a lot. if i don't pin the shoulderblade down, though, it kinda flip flops all over the place and ...yeah, it's not helpful for building up the surrounding muscle.

luna the cat has arrived, and is in the guest room. ren is displeased, but that's pretty normal. considering there's no danger of luna hurting ren and ren is the largest wimp in the entire world, we can just wait this out til they tolerate being in a room together. no biggie. also, luna has a cold and is super being in solitary is probably good for her, at this point. she's a real cuddler tho, with a GIANT tail. i mean, look at this!

like is she a lemur or a kitten???

anyway, it means a little more work for me (i'm the designated animal tender in the house) but i don't much mind. i'm looking forward to this weekend where we can let luna roam around the house while we keep guard.

okay...back to work for me. still got stuff to draw for folks. and if you'd like me to draw for you, remember that patreon is the current way-to-go for that. i hope you'll sign up!


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