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picking up right about where we left off... you'll see why soon enough. but kyo's having a real lousy day today.

in the news of the real world, i'm heartened by the massive response to neonazis trying to march in my home state. boston really handled this one well. but i caution anyone against thinking this made them "go home" or "get out". they already are home. these guys didn't travel from some mythical deep south pit. they're locals, too.

bigots are all around you. they live across the street from you. they work beside you. they didn't "go home" they just learned not to spout their garbage beliefs to the city of boston. which hey, that's a really good start. but you need to stand up to them wherever you see them, and that means at work or wherever they may open their bigoted mouths to say something shitty. because you can't "defeat" bigotry.

but what you can do is make bigots afraid to be openly bigoted. make politicians accountable for their bigoted policies and rhetoric. make these fuckers acknowledge they are the minority and that if they don't see others as human, we will not entertain the notion of their voices having value. it's awkward to shut down a bigoted relative saying something shitty. i know. i've done it, a -lot-. it never gets easier, and it's -always- incredibly awkward.

but that's how you combat bigotry. you use your power or privilege (especially if you're white, straight or a man) and you leverage it in such a way as to Shut That Shit Down.

because when you shut them down, those they'd hurt? we start to feel safe, and like you care.
but if you're silent, if you celebrate one small moral victory and declare it "over".... you're creating the exact atmosphere that tells them it's okay to try again. to try harder. to try with slightly different buzzwords, and maybe a few miles from where they tried last time.

don't be complacent
say something
shut that shit down


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