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Inhuman updated

so after like, weeks of a heat wave, we finally have a nice cool day. and here i am wearing the heaviest hoodie i own because i just WANT TO HAVE HOODIE WEATHER, GOSH.

ive been really tired out lately, and i'm not entirely sure why. it sort of sucks. i miss the momentum of earlier days, but i guess given the way the state of things is in the country these days a level of baseline exhaustion is probably normal. the state primaries were earlier this week and i'm glad i got my vote in. if you're in america -PLEASE- remember to REGISTER TO VOTE and be sure to VOTE in the midterm elections this november! you can even start the process of registering online.

i'm having some major 90s nostaliga lately. last night i started rereading gaston leroux's classic (phantom of the opera) and out fell a torn reportcard that had been used for a bookmark the last time i read it. the reportcard didn't have a name or a location, but a list of classes and two teacher names visible (along with grades) which lead me to the realization that it wasn't my report card (i'd never taken band!) but was that of my bff in public highschool. meaning the book had last been read in 1999. dammmmn now i feel old.

the next page of the comic will be page 666. i must fight the urge to draw everyone hollow eyed and dripping blood from their sockets. which sucks cuz wow that sounds fun.

see you next time friends


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