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Inhuman updated

hey friendos, im in the middle of the work day drawing for daily coin so i'll keep this kinda brief.

i've been playing crisis core (the ff7 zack game) on a rom for a few days now and while i have a looooot of complaints about how the writing of the metaplot is handled (or rather... not handled) and a loooot of complaints about what happens when you try to shoehorn in a celebrity's sephiroth OC and write a plot around that (looking at you gackt) its def got its moments of enjoyability. tho i wouldnt really reccomend it unless you were like stupid die-hard interested in..... well zack honestly. which i am. thanks sorry im a fanboy

in so much that i redrew a really old ff7 slash fanart of mine, which is this:

if you wanna watch a time lapse of the redraw thats on youtube.

other than that i finally got my hands on space monkeys escape from the 20th century album... and its enjoyable. helping me slog through my work week, for sure.

i have a Big Medical Transition Doctor Consultation coming up this next week i'm nervous about, but hopefully it'll go well. and on halloween i passed my 1 year on hrt anniversary. so woo to that, thats an accomplishment!

be strong be kind, have a lovely weekend.


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