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Inhuman update

hi, im writing this from yesterday. my neck is really achey though so i don't want to linger too long :B

something important: planned parenthood of massachusetts now offers hormone replacement therapy for trans patients. this is -very- new, and started just this month. but if you live in mass and have been waitlisted by The Only Other Provider In State Who Does That, give pp a call! they're really nice, it's a really excellent and welcoming organization and work very hard to give you a good provider-patient experience. i used to have to go over state lines to get my bloodwork and checkups, so this is a big deal for me personally too!

later this month i'll be getting two new small fuzzy friends. very small omnivore friends. i'm excited but still have a few weeks of prep.

and juts a reminder, if you like comic WIP stuff and previews of upcoming print art, or just pages emailed to you when i update, patreon is a great way to get those things! back for any amount you like - even 1$


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