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Inhuman update

well now im all caught up on my hero academia and in hell with the rest of the fandom waiting for new issues and episodes. good times.

i cant much think of what to say here, cuz this entire week has mostly been me just trying to make it through a day at a time til my doctor visit next week. but i can say this!!

if you have a few bucks - any at all really- to spare? please, please help my friends out. these are very dear people to me and i really really want to be able to see them secure. they're currently struggling to afford housing. so yeah this is one of those "help these folks out so they arent homeless on the holidays" kind of fundraisers.

their goal is extremely modest too, theyre only like 800$ away. if all of us pitch in a little bit, we can close that gap!!

so please back my friends' fundraiser to keep their housing situation secure

ok thx... see ya later friends


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