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no comic update yet, just a brief health update!

i'm healing from surgery. they took out the cancer and all cells that could potentially turn cancerous nearby, and by all accounts the operation went really really well. my obscene pain tolerance is doing me credit by enabling me to go through all this without the need for any kind of prescription painkillers. they gave me like, -one- oxy right after the op and i didn't need anything except extra strength tylonal after that haha.

so i am back home with the cats, recovering. i won't know for a few days yet still if i'll be in need of chemotherapy or not. i will def need radiation therapy. in a couple of days the surgical drains will be taken out though and i'll be able to sleep on my side again and whew... that's gonna be a relief.

speaking of sleep? seems like that's what my body wants to do to heal. after a few hours (by which i mean...two or three max) of being awake i get extremely tired and just gotta sleep. so if i fail to respond to somethin...well... i'm probably just sleeping.

i'll be working to try and get out the next comic page before anthro new england - which i am still attending, btw. cmon down to the dealer's den to give me a fistbump if you feel so inclined! i can't do hugs or high 5s just yet, but hey, i'll be glad to see ya. <3


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